Rahul Gandhi Offers support for Bundelkhand People


• Urges voters to give congress a chance

Shri Rahul Gandhi, said on Wednesday that if the Congress formed government in UP, he would never forget Bundelkhand and would ensure rapid development in the region. He said that non-Congress governments were responsible for the plight of Bundelkhand.   Addressing a number of meetings in Bundelkhand region, Shri Gandhi said that when he visited Bundelkhand two years ago, he saw the plight of the people here.  Congress General Secretary Shri Rahul Gandhi told to people of Bundelkhand that they had been ruled by “Chors” (Thieves), now it was time for them to vote for congress, a party that would bring a government of poor people, Dalit and Minorities.  In Bundelkhand the central Government had paid lot of money to built wide roads. While it was easy for the common people to travel on these national highways, roads in Uttar Pradesh remained in a rather sorry state.   “I took your delegation to the Prime Minister who immediately gave a package for this area. Some months later when I came here again, the money had not reached you because the elephant in Lucknow had eaten it all up,” he said.   Attacking the BJP, Shri Gandhi said that if its leaders had bothered to visit Bundelkhand and see the situation here, they would have felt ashamed for giving the slogan “India Shining.”   He said that when he visited the villages, the opposition parties ridiculed him and said that he was doing ‘nautanki’. “If I am doing nautanki, what is preventing them from doing nautanki too. I invite them to visit your homes and do the same nautanki,” he said.

He further said that parties like SP and BSP which work on caste basis, are concerned only with ten per cent of the population whereas the Congress works for 100 per cent of the population.   He said that the Congress, when it formed government in 2004, gave the country the biggest employment scheme through MNREGA.   “When we gave MNREGA, Mayawati said it would not work. If you have to see what change MNREGA has brought, you should go to Congress ruled states like Haryana, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. MNREGA has changed their lives, checked migration and given them self respect. In UP, it has not worked because the elephant eats up all the money,” he said and added that the national highways which were among the best roads in UP had been made by the centre.   Shri Gandhi further said that the Congress had given to the people the right to education, right to information, right to employment and now right to food. “Mayawati has said that this scheme is a natak. If we are giving you food, is that natak? It is not the Congress which is doing natak– it is the elephant in Lucknow that does the ‘natak’ by eating up the money. Under this scheme, every poor family will get 35 kgs of food grain every month but in UP it may not reach you if the elephant remains in Lucknow,” he said.   Shri Gandhi further said that the Samajwadi Party is advertising Umeed Ki Cycle. “You gave them three chances and your hopes were punctured. The police recruitment scam took place in SP regime,’ he pointed out.   He said that time had come for a change and he wanted Uttar Pradesh to regain lost glory. “I have not come here to win elections but to change the state. You must vote for the Congress so that you have your own government — a government that understands you and your welfare and works for your future,” he said.

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