8th March International Women’s Day, do we just celebrate or follow?


8th March international women day celebrate around the world for women prosperity, equality and recognition of their contribution to this society. The Spark was started from USA for giving vote of right and followed by Russia for right of food and shelter, now it being celebrated in around the world as Women’s day.

Now the question is, do we just celebrate or follow? Where the condition is different in the society that we need to aware society for women equality where few people look a female as gender on the first place? Why one have to fight for his daughter’s education, marriage, dowry and career? Why we do not treat a female as a human on first sight. A specific ‘bechari’ treatment of society always welcomes her.Society never accepts her decision widely and most of people have a materialistic approach which exist in add, films and mindset of people. We discuss about her body, appearance, attraction although she is a better-half, a designer of society and her service is priceless, a vital role and contribution is given by her.

Infact, celebration of this day become fruitful when a girl-boy approach stifle from society and equality treatment starts. We have to leave gender based analysis of society and treat a child with equality, not a girl or boy. A kid should grownup as a kid not a female or male kid, after all both are human being first. Almost everyone wants a boy kid, that where we started differentiating which continues all the life and a female fights till death to fill this gap.

So we have to think now, how to whether we want to grow up child with a mindset to inequality between male or female. The moment we start accepting a female or as a normal human being then we should celebrate women day.

The research shows 46.9% women reported discordant sex, which is a significant percentage, and shows that there is no practical implementation on IPC 375, on other hand, no one wants to raise own voice against this, also most of the cases get unregistered!

After marriage, a girl suddenly becomes ‘Aurat’ and society declares some important rules like marital rape must which talks about saying ‘yes’ to everything to the husband where in arrange marriages, any girl cannot be prepare for the first night celebration. It’s made for only husband. Ask a girl about her feeling after the first night of marriage and she cannot raise her voice. No one cares what she felt on this mishappening and suddenly a new world interacts where no one is known.

,Now everyone wants to see a change in today’s society where everyone stays and treats with equality, irrespective of gender.

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Ms.Priti Rajpoot